Diwali Lighting Ideas for A Sparkly Festive Home

Diwali Lighting Ideas for A Sparkly Festive Home
1 February, 2023

Diwali Lighting Ideas for A Sparkly Festive Home

There is so much to do at home despite the mesmerising spectacle of fireworks and lovely lights outside our windows that the festival of lights brings.

Therefore, allow us to assist you this Diwali by providing you with our top fun and simple Diwali light decoration ideas.

Tip#1: Light Up with Lanterns and Candles

Are you one of those people who has boxed up and kept the candles you received for Christmas? So it's time to light those candles. Use candles to beautify your home for Diwali.

An attractive rangoli constructed from coloured powder or flower petals might be surrounded by candles. If you enjoy scents, you can utilise a selection of scented candles.

Tip#2: A Table Makeover with Lights

Have a coffee table that is unoccupied and visible? Give it a more refined appearance with candles, oil lamps, and copper or silver bowls. Put the copper or silver dish on the table and fill it with lovely, multicoloured flower petals.

Put tea lights or miniature diya candles into the bowl, and let them float there. to the following! Your coffee table should be surrounded with medium-sized diyas. This simple design won't take much time to do and will look beautiful.

Tip#3: Fairy Lights

Without fairy lights, Diwali light decoration ideas would be lacking. It might be a straightforward LED fairy light or a collection of bulbs in various sizes, colours, and shapes. These are the widely used, timeless option for light decoration. It makes the setting quirky and is a great option for illuminating a holiday home.

Its best quality is that it may be utilised both inside and outside the home. It creates a magical ambiance when draped around tree trunks or placed on the property.


There are numerous options available for Diwali lighting ideas for the home. To execute these suggestions and make the most of them, pick the best Diwali decorations lights

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